Kakeru Naruse
Kanji (なる)() (かける), Naruse Kakeru
Gender Male
Birthday September 14, 1994[1]
Age 16-17
Status Alive
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Affiliation Soccer Team
Personal Status
Relatives Mother Deceased
Father Estranged
Friends Naho Takamiya
Anime Episode 1
Manga Chapter 1
Voice Actors
Japanese Seiichirou Yamashita
Fujita Akane (young)
Actor Kento Yamazaki

Kakeru Naruse (成瀬 翔; Naruse Kakeru) is a main character in Orange.


Kakeru is a young man of average height. He has dark hair and eyes. He is usually seen wearing the school uniform.


He enjoys video games.[2] Though he puts up a happy front, he is depressed about his mother's death and blames himself. He claims to think about killing himself everyday.[3] He is also a skilled runner and is the fastest runner in his class.[4]


When he was in kindergarten, his parents divorced. After that, his dad was completely out of his son's life.[5]

Before moving to Matsumoto, Nagano, Kakeru lives in Tokyo. After his mother's death, he moved into his grandmother's house.[6] Though he attends the first day of school and spends lunch with others, he is away from school the next school day. He finally returns two weeks later, on the 20th of April, and watches a baseball game with Naho.

He dies during the winter of his junior year in a car accident. He was hit by a car after falling off of his bike. Though the police ruled it was an accident, he left a note, apologizing; suggesting that the accident was most likely suicide.[7]


His Mother

Kakeru's mother committed suicide during the entrance ceremony. For this reason he missed two weeks of school to attend the funereal and the move. He promised his mother that he wouldn't join any clubs.[8]

Rio Ueda

On the second of May, Rio confesses to Kakeru and they begin dating. Naho asks if he likes anyone and he replied that he doesn't, though he does like Rio's face. After Rio pushes Naho down and refuses to apologize, she reprimands him for talking to another girl. Soon after, Kakeru decides to break up with her. They only dated for two weeks and he claims he only dated her because he only liked her for her face. He also says that he wants to break up with her because Naho doesn't want him to date her.


Kakeru's Grandmother
Kakeru's Mother


  • He is the fastest runner in his class
  • He's played soccer since he was young, but stopped playing because of his mother's death.




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