Letter 01 (()(がみ)01, Tegami 01) is the first episode of the Orange anime.


The episode starts off with Future Naho Takamiya and everybody else digging up a time capsule they buried 10 years ago. In the capsule are pictures and letters.

In the present world, Naho is late to school. As she rushes out the door, she finds a letter written to her. The letter is written by Naho 10 years into the future.

When Naho gets to school, she reads the letter. It states a couple of things: Future Naho has many regrets; a new transfer student is coming to her class; and that she should not invite him to hang out with her that day.

The letter ends up being correct and a boy named Kakeru Naruse sits next to her. Naho is unable to stop Kakeru from hanging out with the rest of her friend group. The friends show Kakeru a tour of the new town and have fun with him. Kakeru doesn't show up at school for two weeks later on.

After that, Naho's class participates in a sports game. The letter says that her class is losing in softball, and her classmates ask her to bat. However, she decides not to and the class loses. The letter asks Naho to say "yes" this time around. It also says that this was the day she fell in love with Kakeru.

Naho suddenly spots Kakeru in the stand. She sits down to him and they have a conversation. Kakeru notices something strange and asks her if anything is wrong. She tells him that her foot hurts because she has the wrong shoe size.

Later on, the letter's contents become true. Naho's class is losing in softball and she's asked to bat. Her classmates persuade her, but Kakeru says that her foot is hurt and that she shouldn't go. However, Naho manages to must up the confidence and takes on the position. She hits the ball and their class wins.

Naho starts limping from her hurt foot. Kakeru walks to her with a first aid kit, saying "The ambulance is here."He bandages her foot and they talk. Kakeru says what Naho did was reckless, but she replies, "I prefer if it's my loss." They talk about soccer next, and Kakeru says he wants to play it.

The letter comes true once again. Naho says she fell in love with Kakeru.

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