Letter 02 (()(がみ)02, Tegami 02) is the first episode of the Orange anime.


The episode starts off with Naho and the rest of her friend group talking. They talk about lunch and Kakeru says nobody makes him lunch. After class, Suwa clings to Kakeru and says, "I heard, Kakeru-kun... that you're... better than me at soccer!"

Kakeru jokingly pats Naho on the head for telling everybody. The girls go outside to watch Kakeru and Suwa play soccer. After, Azu compliments Kakeru, saying that he's "surprisingly really good."

Suwa begs Kakeru to join the soccer team, and he agrees. He then jokes to Naho to make him a bento for lunch. Naho says yes.

When Naho gets home, she reads the letter. It says that Future Naho ended up not making Kakeru a bento, but she wished she did. The next morning, Naho is in a frantic as she tries to make two bentos: one for her and one for Kakeru.

The whole day, Naho has many chances to give Kakeru a bento. Yet she becomes nervous. At the end of the day, Kakeru and Naho walk home together.

They talk to each other. Eventually, Kakeru tells her that his mom died on the day of the opening ceremony. Naho sits in silence. As they leave, Naho realizes that the purpose of the letter being sent is supposed to help her ensure that she doesn't have any regrets. Finally getting the courage, Naho gives Kakeru the bento.

He is extremely happy and takes the box. Naho says that she will also wake him up in the morning if he wants. He laughs at her sudden invitation and thanks her.

In the next scene, Future Naho meets up with her friends, who she hasn't seen in a long time. They all jump into Future Hagita's minivan and drive out.

The episode ends with Naho reading the letter. It says, "In the winter of his 17th birthday, Kakeru passed away in an accident... all of us feel regret, knowing that Kakeru could've been saved." Naho vows to save him.

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